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Ruth Hedges Ruth E. Hedges is the creator and key architect of She has been responsible for pioneering a new and innovative virtual system for business planning, crowdfund preparation and compliance, and due diligence reporting on the cloud. Ms Hedges also taught the first course on equity based crowdfunding at UNLV, the first university in the United States to teach this very important information.

Give us your fired, your under-funded start-ups, your huddled masses of innovative entrepreneurs yearning for access to capital. The wretched refuse of your economically broken shores. Send us the Twitters, the LinkedIn and Facebook tempest-tossed pioneers fighting to claim their piece of the American dream and let them stake a claim by crowdfunding , so we can all walk through the golden door.” -Ruth E. Hedges (with help from Emma Lazarus)"

The JOBS act was signed into law on 5 April 2012 and supported by overwhelming bipartisan support. Ms. Hedges has been active in pioneering this new industry and from the beginning of 2010 helping the Startup Exemption team to move the bills passage through Congress. She has since been building awareness through her global event in Las Vegas,, and development of best practices, compliant technology and educational material. As a leader and industry expert Ms hedges has been interviewed or quoted in over 40 major publications.

Ms Hedges was also a Founding Board member of the CrowdFund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) In 2012 Ms Hedges also launched to help spread the word across the globe.

Previously, Ms. Hedges was featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy as well as the New York Times, the LA times and People magazine for her work with Oxfam America and the Hollywood Hunger Banquets.She was featured on ABC's Home Show, and the Financial News Network produced a two-part series on Ms. Hedges for their show” American Entrepreneur”. She was invited to fill a cabinet seat on the Second Century Campaign board which raised over 16 million dollars to build the new Union Rescue Mission. She is the recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for that work.

Founding Member of CFPA, CFIRA and the CAPS Program

CFPA's Mission is to facilitate a vibrant, credible and growing crowdfunding community through programs and initiatives focused on providing a unified voice which advocates on behalf of all participants in the crowdfunding environment.

Link: Crowdfunding Professional Association

The Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS) program is an initiative by to promote the adoption of best practices for the operation of crowdfunding platforms globally.

Link: Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards

CFIRA is a membership organization that includes members of the CrowdFund Investing, donation and reward-based crowdfunding community as well as representatives of related industries including angel and venture capital firms.


Crowdfunding Expert & Lecturer At UNLV

UNLV Center For EntrepreneurshipAmong Ms. Hedges' many impressive accolades in the crowdfunding industry, she is also a lecturer on the topic of equity crowdfunding at UNLV. An educational seminar called Comprehensive Crowdfund Training: Creating a Successful Investment-Based Crowdfunding Campaign, which is lead by Ms. Hedges, is the first ever university course of it's kind that teaches people about equity based crowdfunding

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Proud Supporter of Global Crowdfunding Day
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