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CrowdFunding Marketplace Providers and Intermediaries

The inevitable proliferation of thousands of crowdfunding sites and millions of participants will impel reasonable levels of investor protection. Participating startups will have to provide a detailed business plan, complete and transparent due diligence, great execution and popular emotional appeal to be seen and considered by investors able to make informed decisions. They will also need to provide this same kind of disclosure and reporting to the SEC and state regulators.

Crowdfunding sites will need to implement a proper standardized business plan and due diligence reporting system to handle the coming demands for transparency and due diligence. Once funded those new entrepreneurs will also be expected to have the ability to communicate their progress on the cloud to a large group of people who will now be shareholders in their companies. Crowdfundingroadmaps innovative Fundingroadmap technology provides the foundation for you to deliver the solutions and services the marketplace demands and makes you stand out from your competition, which will be growing at lightning speed once the the Jobs Act is passed. Converting to the Crowdfundingroadmap system will dramatically change the economic landscape, help stimulate sound economic growth and get much needed capital into the hands of more compliant and successful companies. Our turn-key program will help you build deeper relationships with your customers and help attract new ones too!


The Crowdfundingroadmap Private Label License offers added value to your crowdfunding website as well as revenue sharing opportunities to you

Do your clients need to provide sales reports on the securities sold in each state? If so, a real time tracking system with calculations is included in the platform as well. Do you need to provide due diligence information on the founders and management team and the financial condition of the issuer? How about any prior bankruptcies or other companies the management team may have started or run before? You will find it all and your clients will be able to create a complete and real time report to "WOW" investors and stand out from the rest of the startup crowd and reduce risk, time and cost. When you become a Licensing Partner of the crowdfundingroadmap / Funding Roadmap technology you can take advantage of the marketing opportunities created by our unique technology. Be on the ground floor during the creation of a new industry standard in business planning and due diligence reporting on the cloud. Be involved in the transformation of the Crowdfunding equation that heightens efficiencies, transparency and access to capital. A private label licensing subscription to the crowdfundingroadmap / Funding Roadmap provides your members/clients with a platform to refine their business strategies, to develop innovative sales and marketing solutions, to set their profitability course and get funded faster… like no other product can do.

Increase Your Overall Profits and Business Performance

Our Enterprise Licensing Program locks in a volume discounted price and makes customers’ expenses for each subscriber predictable regardless of the number of users. We help our clients transfer their large organizations to our cloud-based application onto their own dedicated servers. The client controls access and content from their own website, adding immense value through the features that entrepreneurs and investors will be looking for as the competition grows once the crowdfunding bill passes. Now is the time to take advantage of the benefits of what crowdfundingroadmap / fundingroadmap can offer to you and your customers.

Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Individual Crowdfunders

This is the perfect platform on the cloud for those of you who are already crowdfunding on established sites that don't offer the ability to sell stock but want to be ready when they do, as well as those overwhelmed with the many steps needed just to start a new business. It's the perfect reporting system that you can subscribe to individually at and then use along with any Crowdfunding you do anywhere going forward, even if your host and intermediary does not offer this tool on their website.

But don't take our word for it. Try it Out For Yourself!

Take it for a spin. Register for a free 7 day trial and this will allow you to review a complete working version and see how this amazing tool can work for you and your clients. Please contact for a specific quotation, for information on ordering, or if you have any other questions.
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